A.V.I. 8000
A.V.I. 8000, a teenaged girl's soul trapped inside a robot body.
Octavio's World character
Gender Female
Species Rabbit-shaped robot
Age Unknown (claims to be 14)
Birthday Unknown
Residence 467 Castillo Street, Octavioville, FL
Likes Unknown
Dislikes Unknown
Family None known (claims to have a creator, but no longer remembers as well as an "older brother" who was scrapped.)

A.V.I. 8000 (Advanced Virtual Intelligence), or simply known as "AVI", is a fictional character in Octavio's World. She is a rabbit-shaped robot.

Character biosEdit

AVI is a female rabbit-shaped robot created by an unknown person with "a processor meant for a supercomputer", 64GB of RAM, a 128TB hard drive, and a very powerful motherboard. She was originally designed as a clown for a local children's hospital in Octavioville. However, she was eventually thrown out and left for scrap at a scrap yard. While she was awaiting death, she was rescued by Maya and taken home where she gave her many upgrades as well as make her a bit more mature. AVI eventually moved out and started living on her own in her own place. She utilizes an operating system, therefore technically she is more or less a living computer than a robot. AVI communicates with humans, animals, and objects using text-to-speech software.


AVI is portrayed as "a teenaged girl's soul trapped inside a robot body". AVI is very energetic and very protective of her friends, specifically Alex, Corinne, and Maya.


  • AVI was a character created to add to the show's character atmosphere.