Alex Floober

Alex, the Floober family's "prized possession".
Octavio's World character
Gender Male
Species Rabbit
Age 14
Birthday November 10
Residence 825 Ocean Drive, Octavioville, FL
Likes Privacy, swimming, watching TV, spending time with Travis.
Dislikes Anything that makes him mad.
Family Betsy Floober (mother)
Chris Floober (father)
Chelsea Floober (younger sister)
Noel Floober (younger sister)
Travis Floober (younger brother)

Alexander Drew Floober (nicknamed "Alex") is a main character of the Octavio's World series. He is a 14 year old rabbit who would do anything for a laugh or a smile. Alex and his family move to Octavioville from Phoenix, because his family wanted to live somewhere "new". Alex is the eldest child of the Floober family and has three younger siblings: twin sisters Chelsea and Noel, and Travis, his youngest sibling and only brother.

Fictional biography Edit

Before moving to Octavioville, Alex was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona, followed by his younger sisters and brother. Alex and his siblings spent most of their lives exploring around the house and playing with each other. However, as Alex matured, he started communicating less with his sisters and spending more time with his little brother as well as being his unofficial "bodyguard".

As an infant growing up in Phoenix, Alex was very quiet and did not cry or poop as much. This is because of Betsy and Chris' carefulness for him. According to Betsy, Alex developed an interest in water when she gave him his first bath upon taking him home for the first time. It was so great, he never wanted to leave the tub. By the time he was three, he fell in the pool while trying to reach for a ball and almost drowned, being saved by Betsy upon hearing his cries for help.

After that, Betsy enrolled Alex for swimming lessons. Alex mastered the class in a matter of weeks due to his love for the water and soon started enjoying it. He has participated in many swimming competitions during his childhood. He also recalls winning his first competition at only 4 years old. Alex has dreams of becoming an Olympic swimmer as well as a musician.

Relationships Edit

Chelsea and Noel FlooberEdit

Alex and the twins are usually seen with a very on-and-off relationship, since Alex hardly spends any time with the twins, however, the three of them in truth, usually help each other out in times of need as well as love and care for each other.

Travis FlooberEdit

Alex and Travis have a good brotherly relationship with each other. They understand each other quite well and help each other every now and then. To Travis, Alex is more of a mentor to him than a big brother.

Corinne KatzenbergerEdit

Alex and Corinne have been friends since the Floobers first moved to Octavioville, however, Corinne does not know that he has a crush on her.


  • Alex is very loosely based on project creator Octavio Gaitan during his early teenage years.
  • Alex, Chelsea and Noel share the same Sun sign as they're all a Scorpio (Alex being born on November 10 and the twins being born on October 25).