Chelsea and Noel Floober
Chelsea and Noel Floober; twins who are anything but ordinary.
Octavio's World character
Gender Female
Species Rabbits
Age 11
Birthday October 25
Residence 825 Ocean Drive, Octavioville, FL
Likes (Both): Dancing, Mexican food

(Chelsea): Playing outside, ponies, watching TV

(Noel): Ballet, attending child beauty pageants, video games, manly activities

Dislikes Being accused of stuff they didn't do by their brothers.
Family Betsy Floober (mother)
Chris Floober (father)
Alex Floober (older brother)
Travis Floober (younger brother)

Chelsea Renée Floober and Noel Chrysanthemum Floober are fictional characters from the Octavio's World series. They are twin rabbit sisters.

Fictional biography Edit


Chelsea and Noel are twin sisters who are the middle of the Floober siblings as they are three years younger than Alex and two years older than Travis. As toddlers, Chelsea and Noel were highly antisocial, and were most of the time frightened whenever Alex approaches them. Over time, they slowly opened up to him and by the age of seven, they were no longer afraid of him.

About ChelseaEdit

Chelsea is the first of the Floober twins. She loves anything to do with girly stuff, such as toys, and ponies. She also seems to have traces of typical teenage behavior and stress even though she is still a few years from officially being a teenager. She also tends to have the personality of a daredevil as she is sometimes portrayed as extroverted. Chelsea can be easily distinguished from her sister as she is the twin who wears a flower barrette on her head.

About NoelEdit

Noel is the younger twin (she is a minute younger than Chelsea). Noel is usually portrayed as the more friendlier and down-to-earth twin and also seems to enjoy doing "manly" stuff, learning as she follows her father Chris around. She also attends beauty pageants and takes part in beauty contests (which explains why she is usually seen wearing a tiara on her head), often "training" with the help of Chris to become number one while, at the same time, become the cutest and prettiest girl in the pageants.

Relationships Edit

Alex FlooberEdit

Alex and the twins are usually seen with a very on-and-off relationship, since Alex hardly spends any time with the twins, however, the three of them in truth, usually help each other out in times of need as well as love and care for each other.

Travis FlooberEdit

The twins and Travis currently have a good relationship with each other and he is usually very kind to both of them and always do as they command. The reason why is because since Travis is younger than them, he seems to pay a lot of attention to them.

Kyla HollingsworthEdit

Kyla is a good friend of the twins as they share something in common, liking ballet. Despite the both of them being one year older than her, the three of them also attend the same school.

Trivia Edit

  • Originally, Chelsea and Noel were going to be named Beatrice and Bonnie, however, this idea was shortly scrapped.
  • Both Chelsea and Noel seem to love to dance, as they are usually seen dancing to dance music when no one isn't looking.
  • Chelsea and Noel love to eat Mexican food, specifically tacos from local Mexican eateries.
  • Chelsea and Noel are based off of childhood twin friends of Gaitan, whom he used to hang out with from 4th grade to 6th grade.