Cindy and Mindy Hall
Cindy and Mindy Hall; just your average twin sisters.
Octavio's World characters
Gender Female
Species Cats
Age 14
Birthday May 8
Residence 12 Swordfish Island Drive
Swordfish Island, Octavioville, FL
Likes (Cindy): Exercising (wet and dry), ponies, rock music, flirting with men
(Mindy): Classical music, relaxation, gaming
Dislikes (Cindy): Crossword puzzles, spinach, people or herself being sad
(Mindy): Being told bad news, anyone bullying her
Family Miranda Beard-Hall (mother)
Long John "L.J." Hall (father)

Cindy Valerie Hall and Mindy Tabitha Hall are fictional characters of Octavio's World. They are both twin cat sisters that live on Swordfish Island, a small island neighborhood located not far from the street where Alex and Corinne live.

Character description Edit

About Cindy Edit

Cindy is the twin with the Sun necklace. She is a character with traits and a personality you would not expect an ordinary cat to have. She is very hyperactive, energetic, and sometimes a bit of an annoyance. Cindy is also athletic, and shows love of doing any kind of exercise, wet and dry. She is also an excellent wake-boarder.

About Mindy Edit

Mindy is Cindy's younger twin with the Moon necklace. Unlike her older twin, Mindy is the calm and more down-to-earth twin. She can get easily annoyed and sometimes puts up a fiery temper (mostly towards Cindy). Mindy considers herself a gamer since she proclaims herself the "princess of video games".

Trivia Edit

  • Cindy and Mindy were originally going to be called Mindy and Mandy, however, this was shortly changed.
  • Both Cindy and Mindy speak fluent Spanish.
  • According to Gaitan, Cindy and Mindy have necklaces of the Sun and the Moon on, because they confuse one twin as the other. Cindy has the Sun necklace, because she represents being the hyperactive, optimistic, and energetic twin while Mindy has the Moon necklace being she is calm and more down-to-earth than Cindy.
  • Cindy and Mindy are considered rivals of Chelsea and Noel Floober, since the four of them are characters with twin siblings.
  • Cindy and Mindy have completely different tastes in music. Cindy enjoys listening to rock while Mindy enjoys classical music.