Kia Katzenberger
Kia, just your average college freshman.
Octavio's World character
Gender Female
Species Fox
Age 18
Birthday July 12
Residence 823 Ocean Drive, Octavioville, FL
Likes Studying, flirting with men
Dislikes Loud noises, when she can't think straight
Family Penelope Grotto-Katzenberger (mother)
Tom Katzenberger (father)
Corinne Katzenberger (younger sister)

Kimberly Joy "Kia" Katzenberger is a recurring character in Octavio's World. She is Corinne's older sister who is also a fox like her, however, unlike Corinne, has only one tail.

Character biography Edit

Kia is a very outgoing 18 year-old vixen. She loves to flirt and study and is very protective of her younger, multi-tailed sister Corinne. Kia is a college freshman who is studying to become an architect, like her and Corinne's mother currently is. She would do anything to follow her mother's footsteps and sometimes learns a few pointers from their mother. Kia was uneasy with Corinne dating Alex after he moved into Octavioville, but she later became more comfortable after Alex proved to her that he isn't like other boys her age.

Trivia Edit

  • Kia is currently the only college-aged main character in the project.
  • Kia and Corinne share similar character models and are often unable to tell apart. Corinne is distinguished from Kia by her four tails while Kia has only one. Another way they are distinguished is that Corinne wears casual clothing while Kia wears half-moon reading glasses along with a folded turtleneck, sometimes with a cardigan sweater.