Kyla Hollingsworth
Octavio's World character
Gender Female
Species Cat
Age 10
Birthday October 20
Residence 915 Kawasaki Drive, Octavioville, FL
Likes (Unknown)
Dislikes (Unknown)
Family Margaret "Maggie" Hollingsworth (mother)
Cotton Hollingsworth (father)
Rico Hollingsworth (brother)

Kyla Laverne Hollingsworth is a fictional character in the Octavio's World series. She is a female cat who is Rico's younger sister and is a good friend of Chelsea and Noel Floober.

Personality Edit

Not much is currently known about Kyla, but it is known that she is a friend of the Floober twins, despite being one year younger than them. Kyla is described as "somewhat tomboyish", and loves ballet. Kyla also has a very unique attire as she wears a big bow on her back to show respect for a childhood friend of hers who loved wearing bows that has moved away.

Trivia Edit

  • Kyla shares the same birth date as project creator Octavio Gaitan.