Lorraine Wingo
Lorraine, a polar bear with a bubbly personality.
Octavio's World character
Gender Female
Species Polar bear
Age 14
Birthday May 9
Residence 120 Anais Street,
Little Arctic, Octavioville, FL
Likes Swimming in freezing water, eating fruit, watching exercise videos on VideoTube.
Dislikes Being out in public, people peeping at her.

Berry Wingo (mother)
Kieran Wingo (father)

Lorraine Wingo is a character in Octavio's World. She is a polar bear who is one of the few Canadian arctic immigrants who move to Octavioville from the arctic as a result of their home melting away.

Character Background and BiographyEdit

Lorraine is an only child. She and her family moved to Octavioville one year before Alex and his family did, from the Canadian arctic after their home melted away. According to Lorraine, she and her family spent about two weeks swimming in the ocean when they all eventually ended up in the state of Florida. The family was lucky to be alive, especially Lorraine herself. The family arrived in Octavioville and shortly became citizens of the city.

As a result of moving to an entirely new climate, Lorraine and her family must wear a battery powered cooling jacket when heading out into the warm climate of the city, especially because the city never receives snow.


Lorraine is described as a very friendly young polar bear cub with a bubbly personality. She enjoys swimming as long as the water is below zero degrees as well as eating fruit. Lorraine spends most of her time surfing the internet and browsing exercise videos on VideoTube (Octavio's World's parody of YouTube).


  • Lorraine is a character created to add more to the show's character environment.
  • Lorraine is the tallest of the main characters, measuring at 6'1" tall.
  • Lorraine used to be nicknamed "Loki". However, project creator Gaitan feared it was associated with the Norse God of Mischief and just referred to the character just by her real full name and the nickname was dropped.