Founded 1895
County Monroe
State Florida
Country United States
Population 188,166
Mayor April Merryweather (R)

Octavioville is a fictional American city located in the U.S. state of Florida in Monroe County and is the main setting of the "Octavio's World" series. Despite having quite a small population, the city has an extensive skyline, a financial district, as well as a Chinatown. Like the rest of the world in the series, it is mostly populated by anthropomorphic animals, however, there is also a small population of animal-shaped robots. In the Octavio's World universe, Octavioville is the largest city in the Florida keys and resembles the South Floridian cities of Miami and Key West.

Locations and landmarks Edit

  • Swordfish Island
  • Blowfish Key
  • Chinatown
  • Little Arctic
  • Octavioville Elementary School
  • Octavioville College Prep High School
  • Banana Electronics Keynote Hall
  • Magic Wireless Megadome
  • Octavioville Grand Fountain
  • Lake Iris
  • Ocean Drive Beach
  • Shamrock Oceanside Hotel
  • University of Octavioville
  • University of Octavioville Research and Medical Center
  • Gate of Eternity Scuplture
  • University Bridge
  • Octavioville City Hall
  • Save 'N' Buy
  • Octavioville Maximum Security Prison
  • Octavioville Museum of Art and Science
  • Octavioville Community Center
  • Burly Oaks Country Club
  • Lookout Tower
  • Octavioville Parkview Mall
  • Magic Wireless H.Q.
  • Oksana Avenue Fish and Farmer's Market
  • River South Water Park
  • Beethoven School of Music
  • Channel 13 News Studio
  • Burger Princess
  • Kiki's Donuts
  • Happy Rabbit Pizza

Trivia Edit

  • The city is named after series creator Octavio Gaitan.
  • Many of the streets in the city are named after famous people, characters from other media, and even YouTube personalities.
  • Originally, Octavioville was going to be set in the state of California, but this was later changed to Florida. It was also going to be set in a fictional county called Wendell County however, this was later changed to the real life Monroe County.