Rico Hollingsworth
Octavio's World character
Gender Male
Species Cat
Age 14
Birthday April 18
Residence 915 Kawasaki Drive, Octavioville, FL
Likes (Unknown)
Dislikes (Unknown)
Family Margaret "Maggie" Hollingsworth (mother)
Cotton Hollingsworth (father)
Kyla Hollingsworth (sister)

Ricardo "Rico" Hollingsworth is a fictional character in the Octavio's World series. He is a male cat who is very shy. He is considered Alex's second best friend.

Personality Edit

Rico is portrayed as a shy, timid, and easily embarrassed young teenage cat with a talent for sewing. His shyness make him an easy target for bullies, but Alex and his friends are usually there to cheer him up and keep him company. When he is bored (usually after finishing class work), he is usually seen knitting a piece of cloth (usually a sweater).

Despite being a very shy character, Rico is on the high school football team and is considered a pro athlete, which explains why he wears a jersey. However, like the others he also wears normal clothing from time to time. Rico has a younger sister named Kyla (who is actually almost the same age as Chelsea and Noel, Alex's younger twin sisters).

Trivia Edit

  • Rico shares the same shy personality trait as Fluttershy, a character from the popular cartoon My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.
  • According to Gaitan, the idea for Rico came when Gaitan was reminded of one of his old past friends. He also said that he found "Rico" to be the perfect name for a character who is supposedly shy.