Tallulah Zavala
Tallulah; a skunk of epic proportions.
Octavio's World character
Gender Female
Species Skunk
Age 14
Birthday September 8
Residence 109 Lucky Duck Road, Octavioville, FL
Likes Collecting anything vintage, reading magazines, playing video games.
Dislikes Releasing her odor at the wrong times, anyone mad at her, homework
Family Inez Zavala (mother)
Fausto Zavala (father)
Ambrose Zavala (brother)

Tallulah Araceli Zavala (nicknamed Lulu) is a main character of the Octavio's World project. She is a skunk who moves to Octavioville with her family from California.

Character bios Edit

Tallulah is the firstborn child of Inez and Fausto Zavala. Her family is of Hispanic and Hawaiian descent and refers to her mother's Latin American homeland as "The Old Country". Tallulah was born in Honolulu, Hawaii and moved to Octavioville with her family when she was three. Tallulah loves to collect vintage things, read magazines, as well as play video games. She has a hyperactive younger brother, Ambrose, who seems to enjoy pestering her whenever he can.

She first meets Alex when she becomes assigned to a two person school assignment with him. And meets him again when she picks Ambrose up from day care the same time as Alex goes to pick up Travis (since both Travis and Ambrose happen to be friends). After a few days, Tallulah is accepted into Alex's circle of friends.

Trivia Edit

  • Tallulah loves to sing in the shower.
  • Gaitan claims that the idea to making Tallulah came when as a kid, he was forced to watch a very depressing documentary explaining rapid animal extinctions due to human activity claiming "it was so sad, I cried so much on the inside, being an animal lover".