Travis Floober
Travis Floober, a young bunny with big dreams.
Octavio's World character
Gender Male
Species Rabbit
Age 9
Birthday December 1
Residence 825 Ocean Drive, Octavioville, FL
Likes Spending time with Alex, Hawaiian shirts, drawing and coloring.
Dislikes Ketchup, being teased at, being grounded for ridiculous reasons.
Family Betsy Floober (mother)
Chris Floober (father)
Alex Floober (older brother)
Chelsea Floober (older sister)
Noel Floober (older sister)

Travis J. Floober is a fictional character appearing in Octavio's World. He is the youngest member of the Floober family, at 9 years old.

Fictional biographyEdit

Travis is portrayed as a kind young boy with a big heart. He dreams of one day becoming an artist and an actor, as he proclaims himself to be a master at drawing and etching as well as having "extraordinary" acting skills.

According to Betsy, Travis' birth was the most painful of the four Floober siblings. However, she managed and gave birth to him anyway. As an infant, Travis was known to poop his diaper at all the wrong times of the day. By the time he turned one, Betsy potty trained him the best she could as Travis mastered going to the bathroom at only one and a 1/2 years old.

Alex calls Travis a "gift from the heavens", because as the twins were more interested in doing stuff with each other rather than with Alex as they matured, Travis became interested in all the things Alex liked to do except swim. This is because once back in Phoenix, when Travis (5 years old at the time) was finding Alex so he can play video games together, he accidentally fell in the small swimming pool and almost drowned. Luckily, Alex, who believed he was left home alone, heard his cries for help and jumped in to rescue him, which explains Travis' moderate dislike for the water.

Travis is also claustraphobic, as he does not like small, tight spaces, which explains why he has the second biggest bedroom in the Floober house. He is the only member of the family who cannot swim, as he wears a life jacket while taking a dip in the family's pool under Betsy, Chris, or Alex's supervision.

Travis' most favorite garments to wear are Hawaiian shirts as he became fascinated with them after watching an action-comedy movie called "Super Top Cop", in which the protagonist, a plainclothes detective, wore Hawaiian shirts. He has been wearing and collecting Hawaiian shirts since the age of 8 and continues to collect them to date.


Alex FlooberEdit

Travis and Alex have a good brotherly relationship with each other. They understand each other quite well and help each other every now and then. He also looks up to Alex, loving doing activities with him, as well as him occasionally saving his life.

Chelsea and Noel FlooberEdit

Unlike Alex, Travis actually shows respect for the twins. Travis will usually act nice even when the twins act mean around him. It is revealed that he does that, simply because the twins are family. This is because he is younger than the twins, he pays more attention to them.


  • With every passing day, Travis wears a different Hawaiian shirt with different prints. This is because he loves to collect and wear Hawaiian shirts.